Review: Tacoma

I want to discuss Tacoma outside of the context of Gone Home as much as possible. In Tacoma, you play someone hired by the Venturus Corporation to retrieve an AI from aboard one their vessels, the Tacoma. As you enter the ship, you activate an AR overlay that allows you to see events that the ship has recorded, all represented by holograms of varying colors. Each of the six crew members are represented by a color, and the AI, ODIN, is represented by a floating pyramid adorned with an eye. It's a little unsettling, until you get to know them.


First Impression: For Honor

Ubisoft's For Honor has been available for free this weekend for Xbox Live Gold members as part of the Free Play Days program and so I finally caved and gave it a go. Let me preface by stating that this is NOT a review per-say. I feel it's unfair to review a game during a free trial period, even when the full game is available as the trial. Personal conviction. But I still want to share what I think of what I have been able to partake of. Let's dive right in.