Superhot VR: PSVR Edition Review


Superhot was already one of my favorite games. I’ve played through the Xbox One version of the base game two times. Once in the standard mode, and once in katana only mode. I’ve even spent extensive time in the various endless mode maps, as the game is just that good. I finally had the opportunity to partake of Superhot VR thanks to a family member’s PSVR headset. While obviously not up to the same level as the HTC Vive version of the title, but let’s take a dive and see what the PSVR version of the game has to offer.

For the sake of transparency the reviewer completed the entire story mode of Superhot VR, having only played for around an hour or so. They did not get to partake of any additional modes or features, but desperately hopes to in the near future. This game also requires one of the three consumer VR headsets: the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, or the PSVR peripheral. 


Superhot, at it’s core, is a game about killing red polygon men. You can use guns, thrown objects, or melee attacks to complete this task. The hook is that in-game time only moves when you do. Wave an arm and time will progress, fire a bullet and expect the same. This allows you to pause, breathe, and plan ahead for the next move. In VR, this mechanic is even more intense, as dodging bullets requires moving your headset-laden head out of their path. This game is a full body experience, requiring you to move frequently but not necessarily hastily. This is, in my humble opinion, the first truly immersive and plausible VR experience. My synapses were alight with energy and excitement the entire time. This game will get your adrenaline pumping. The usual VR hang-ups are to be expected though. Motion sickness is inevitable for those who are sensitive to such things, and the physical exertion will likely wear on those of us who are less physically fit. I left sweating, but with energy still in my reserves, meaning that the game is far from physical overkill.


The game is brimming with content, with several modes to try after the main experience. The main story will take a rational player around 2-3 hours. I finished in one because I was rushing and neglecting the time-pausing mechanic. This is a fun way to play, if you’re into more harrowing experiences, but can lead to frustration due to the trial-an-error nature of the gameplay. The added modes include things like “Don’t Shoot” which forces you to never fire a gun, “10-Minute Challenge” to complete the game in under 10 minutes, and “Headshots Only” which gives all away with the name. There are also perma-death and time-trial modes, with an endless mode on top. These were added though the “Forever” update to the game in March. The PSVR version includes this content out of the gate, but you have to complete the story to play it. This is good for first time players, but as someone who had played the non-VR version of the game, I wish I could have jumped into endless to stretch my wings with the VR mechanics. The point is; there is hours of content in this title, and has high replayablity for those who enjoy FPS style experiences and unique challenges within an FPS framework.


Now, the elephant in the room is definitely the nature of VR controls. The PSVR is the most comfortable headset on the market still, so the headset is great and easy to use. The move controllers are also a breeze, a good middle ground between the Oculus Touch controllers and the Dualshock 4, making it the easiest VR set-up to access for the casual gaming crowd. The game itself has some flaws as a result of VR controls. For one, throwing objects is a huge pain in the ass. The correct motion, which will take a while to discover on purpose, feels far from throwing, as you kind of have to softball it? It’s hard to describe. But it certainly isn’t a throwing motion. The detection area also sometimes allows gun to fall to floor, where you can’t always reach them. Trying to grab a gun from the ground can rarely de-sync your controller and cost you a reset, as time still moves. The shooting is great though, and melee punches are very natural too. So even with a few control hiccups, the base mechanics that you need are responsive and feel effortless. You’ll feel like a killer in no time! Just…don’t let it go to your head. As a side note, this game has the best in-game achievement pop-ups of any VR title ever, in the form of little post-it note doodles.



-Responsive VR Controls for Shooting & Punching

-Highly Involved. The Best VR Experience, Especially on PSVR, Which Lacks Games

-Lots of Replay Value and Diverse Game Modes That Extend Gameplay Wildly



-It’s VR. So Expect a Few Technical Hiccups and Tracking Issues

-The Experience (Story Mode) is Very Short, but That’s Not a Bad Thing Inherently?

-Extra Modes Require a High Skill Level That Can Alienate Casual Players


Overall, Superhot PSVR is a thumbs up from me, and is definitely a MUST OWN for those who own the peripheral, as the best title on the hardware. If you’re looking into PSVR, this is the game that will sell it to you for sure.

Now, enjoy a short gameplay clip recorded from my phone. Have a great day!


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